Our Research
WOMEN'S HEALTH VIRGINIA (WHV) undertakes and encourages research on medical and non-medical issues.

Virginia Voices for Women's Wellness

Women's Health Virginia aims to develop programs that meet the needs of women and girls in the Commonwealth. We want to hear your ideas about ways we and our partners can address your concerns and improve your health and that of your family and others in this community. We host "listening sessions" across the Commonwealth and invite your input by e-mail.

If you want to help us plan a session in your community, let us know.

Improving Women's Health Information

WHV's Improving Women's Health Information project identifies the information women and girls want and the best ways to make that information available.

WHV conducted a statewide telephone survey of 1500 women from all areas of Virginia, which provides - for the first time - statewide and regional data regarding the health interests and use of information by Virginia women.

The survey showed that women are equally concerned with economic issues that affect their use of health care (specifically cost and insurance) and their access to care as they are about their health and about specific diseases.

Respondents also indicated that they actively seek health information, and that most are at least somewhat satisfied with current information. Many respondents, however, do not find that information thorough, nor easy to understand or find. They use many resources for information and often question the reliability. Nearly all would trust information from their physicians and would like their physicians to provide them with information. For more survey highlights, click here.

Getting Teens the Information They Seek

WHV is hosting focus groups with teens in various parts of the state to learn more about their understanding of health issues, how they get and use health information, to whom they turn when they have questions about health and wellness issues, and, if they want to learn more about such issues, how best to get them the information and help them select reliable sources. We are planning to host discussions with parents and other adults who are may know what issues concern teens or what information teens need.

We will use the results to develop and help other Virginia organizations develop educational programs and information that meet the needs we identify.

Identifying Women and Girls’ Wellness Data

WHV would also like to know about research conducted on topics relating to Virginia women and girls' wellness. We are aware that this research, conducted in academic, non-profit, business or government organizations, often is not reported. The research may also include small scale studies that, when compiled with other bits of information or replicated in other communities, will greatly expand our knowledge about women and girls health, health behaviors, use of health care and other issues. WHV would like to develop a comprehensive catalogue of research to enable people who share our goals of improving women and girls’ wellness to use the available data. It will also help us identify areas for new research.

Have any other ideas? Want to work on a research project with WHV?

We welcome your ideas, too, regarding issues that you think should be on our research agenda. Please email us with your suggestions. If you want to become involved with WHV on a research project, please volunteer.