Our Activities

WOMEN'S HEALTH VIRGINIA's mission is to enhance Virginia women and girls' health and well being through education, research, and collaboration.

How WHV Achieves Its Goals

The organization

  • Focuses attention on the health needs of women and girls in Virginia.
  • Addresses women and girls' health comprehensively and as a continuous process. WHV takes a broad perspective towards health problems that are usually addressed separately in treatment, education, health policy, and research.
  • Uses a multidisciplinary approach to include economic, educational, cultural, environmental, social, and medical issues.
  • Connects people and organizations, in the public and private sector and from around the state, to work together. WHV involves individuals from business, academia, government and non-profit agencies, community organizations, and individuals who care about their own health and that of their families.

Our Current Activities

  • Education

    Women's Health Virginia hosts an annual conference as well as other programs, including workshops and webinars. The annual conferences address critical issues that affect diverse aspects of women and girls' wellness. In line with the organization’s overall approach to improving women and girls’ wellness, we select topics that are not confined to one disease area or one age-group but, rather, ones that reflect the continuity of girls and women’s health as a lifelong process and the comprehensive nature of wellness, including physical and mental health as well as non-medical factors that affect health and well being.

  • Research

    Women's Health Virginia's research program includes our own community-based research as well as working with researchers across Virginia to develop more comprehensive data regarding women and girls' wellness in Virginia.

    Our research has included survey and focus groups. We also add to the understanding of women and girls' concerns, behaviors, and attitudes with less formal "listening sessions" and discussion groups. The focus of our work has been women and teens' understanding of health issues that affect them, how they are getting and using health information, to whom they turn when they have questions about health and wellness issues, and, if they want to learn more about such issues, how best to get them the information and help them select reliable sources.

    We use the results of this research to develop and help other Virginia organizations develop educational programs and information that meet the needs we identify.

  • Collaboration

    Women's Health Virginia brings together health, women/girls’ and community organizations, and individuals in Virginia to share information and develop more effective collaborative approaches to improving health information and care. Its cooperative efforts include April’s celebration of Women & Girls Wellness Month in Virginia when we and our partner non-profit, governmental and business organizations highlight our shared efforts to improve the lives of Virginia’s females.