Our Network
WOMEN'S HEALTH VIRGINIA creates opportunities for people with diverse interests and experience, from all areas of Virginia, to share information and work collaboratively. WHV also participates in a number of task forces, coalitions and other partnerships to address the needs of Virginia women and girls.

The WHV Network

WHV's statewide network includes public and private organizations and individuals who are concerned about women and girls' health. WHV encourages the participation of entities with medical and non-medical orientations, including those engaged in health care and promotion. WHV also hopes to hear from businesses, civic and community groups, government and non-profit agencies, and unaffiliated individuals who are concerned about the health of their communities, their families and themselves. You or your organization can be part of the Network and receive information by e-mail and postal mail about WHV news activities, simply by sending us your contact information.

WHV brings together Network participants for action to promote women and girls’ wellness, including the celebration of Women & Girls’ Wellness Month in April. This observance, which was officially designated by the Virginia General Assembly in 2002, promotes awareness of lifelong well being for girls and women. It addresses the diverse issues involved in women and girls’ wellness and programs, and services of participating organizations for women and girls in the state.

Other Partnerships and Collaborations

Women’s Health Virginia works with the following groups that address women and girls’ wellness in Virginia.

Virginia Action for Healthy Kids

Virginia Heart Disease and Stroke Alliance

VCU Institute for Women’s Health

Virginia Arthritis Action Coalition

Cancer Plan Action Coalition

Commonwealth Partnership for Women & Children Affected by Substance Abuse

Breast Health Coalition of the Blue Ridge

Creciendo Juntos—Growing Together

Community Partnership for Improved Long-Term Care

Miriam Bender, CEO of Women’s Health Virginia, is the Virginia liaison to the United States Department of Health and Human Services Office of Women’s Health.