Women’s Health Virginia’s education programs bring Virginians together to focus on medical and non-medical issues relating to women and girls’ wellness, the development of their health behaviors, and their use of health care. The programs also provide an opportunity for health professionals and non-professionals to share ideas about how to address the needs of Virginia’s women and girls and improve health and well being.

We welcomed a capacity crowd for our

2018 annual conference on women’s health

National and regional experts discussed cutting-edge research and increasing
understanding about the microbiome and its impacts
on these important women’s health issues:

  • Reproductive & vaginal health, pregnancy, childbirth, and the mother/child microbiome relationship
  • Obesity & related chronic diseases
  • Digestive disorders, such as irritated bowel disease
  • Mental health including eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, depression, stress & anxiety
  • Aging
  • Strategies for building a healthier microbiome for improved wellness

See the agenda and speakers.


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Learn about topics from earlier conferences and other programs on DVDs or audio CDs.

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Here’s information about those programs:


Our 2017 Conference

Learn about priorities of the NIH Office of Women’s Health Research; developments in precision and personalized medicine; advances in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment (with a focus on breast and lung cancers); increasing understanding and treatments of autoimmune diseases and addiction; and progress in understanding the aging process.
See the agenda and speakers.

Our 2016 Conference

Hear experts discuss ground breaking research about the brain and its connections to diseases and conditions that are significant for women, including immunity and the development of diseases; headaches, mood disorders (such as depression & anxiety); trauma (direct and indirect including concussions & PTSD); pathways to addiction; and the aging brain. See the agenda and speakers.

Our 2015 Conference

Learn about changes in American women and girls’ diets; genetic, metabolic, hormonal and other biological impacts on food consumption; emotional, sensory and environmental factors the affect food choices; and ways to make food a positive force for health. See the full program & speakers


Other Current Programs

Our programs are expanding our efforts regarding topics explored in earlier annual conferences and other public health priorities. You can help us bring information to your community or region by participating in planning workshops inyour area. Contact us to become involved.


Getting Good ZZZs for a Healthier Future

In partnership with the Virginia Academy of Sleep Medicine, we are developing workshops and disseminating information to school boards and administrators, parent groups and others about the importance of sufficient sleep for the development, achievement and safety of youth and the impact of school start times on the health and well being of teens.

HPV Vaccine Education for Providers and Parents

We are providing information and developing workshops for health and education professionals, parents and community leaders about the HPV vaccines and their importance for reducing cervical and other cancers. Our leadership of a collaborative effort with representatives of other organizations, health care providers and business and the Cancer Action Coalition of Virginia is increasing understanding about the vaccines and ways health care providers can provide vital information to patients and parents. We are beginning to develop new programs focusing on the Tidewater Virginia Area.

In addition to live programs, our DVDs Talking About HPV Vaccines—Helping Patients and Parents Make Informed Decisions (for health professionals and educators) and The HPV Vaccines—Making an Informed Decision (for parents and others), make information easily accessible. Learn more about these programs and ordering DVDs.


Stress and Genetic Impacts on Wellness

We are also developing workshops to explore further issues addresses in our 2013 on the impacts of stress and managing and reducing stress and our 2014 conference on genetic and genomic influences on women’s wellness.



Past Annual Conferences

Conferences themes have been:

See conference agendas and order conference packets by e-mail for our earlier conferences:

Growing Girls Strong — Strategies for Building Life Skills & Preventing High Risk Behavior (2009)

Stepping Over the Lines—Young Women’s Risk-Taking, Time for Concern (2008)

10 Years on the Way to Women’s Wellness—Roads Well Traveled, Directions Ahead (2007)

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Self-Image & the Challenge for Women & Girls’ Wellness (2006)

Pathways to Women’s Wellness:
Integrating Conventional, Complementary & Alternative Approaches to Prevention & Treatment (2005)

Working Women’s Wellness 9-5 24/7 (2004)

Women as Caregivers—Cradle to Grave (2003)

Food & Fitness: Lifelong Challenges (2002)

It’s More Than Words: Communications and Women's Health (2001)

The Multicultural Mosaic and Virginia Women’s Health (2000)

The Dollars and Sense of Women's Health (1999)

Virginia's Challenge: Women's Wellness (1998) (prior to WHV incorporation)